What Are Electronic Cargo Tracking Notes?

Several African countries require the official loading documentation known as the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN). Somalia will require an ECTN starting from February 1, 2023. The ECTN certificate contains in-depth information about your products, how they were transported between ports, and how long it took.

Before the products arrive at the port, each shipment to a country where ECTN is necessary must be accompanied by the ECTN certificate. With ECTN certifications, destination port authorities may have all necessary information before shipments actually arrive, enabling your products to be prepared for customs clearance.

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    Why Are ECTN Certificates Important?

    According to port officials, the ECTN’s objective is to drastically minimize risk and offer reliable evaluations of imported goods, their shippers, importers, and other information. Several African countries require exporters to notify customs officials of the specifics of shipments before they arrive.

    Marine Custom Authorities can obtain information about the item being carried, the exporter and importer, the shipping route and methods, the kind and value of the cargo, and the amount of the freight through the ECTN certificate, also known as a waiver document. Remember that exporters must provide the required paperwork before the shipment gets to its destination.

    The loading document provides customs officers with security assurance and permits cargo tracking before the shipment arrives at the port of discharge. Each country can use technology to maintain statistical data for upcoming logistical monitoring as well. Shipping or arrival without an ECTN certificate may incur hefty fines at the destination port.

    The ECTN certificate system is administered by SCK Representation and ITR Logistics, two highly experienced companies with 20 years of expertise in the ECTN industry.

    ECTN Fees

    ItemsECTN Fees
    20′ Container$100
    40′ Container$150
    Vehicles < 5 Tons$100
    Vehicles > 5 Tons$150
    Bulk Pack$0.84 / WM min $600

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    CTN Somalia is the authorized agency to issue freight certificates for commodities exported to Somalia. These certificates are required to clear your cargo from customs without any problems.

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